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Energy Audits For Homes

Energy Audits For Homes

Feel like you are spending too much money on energy costs for your home? Ac keeps running and yet your still uncomfortable? Does the outside feel like the inside during cold temperatures?


We are Home Pros Builders, and we provide energy audits for homeowners. Find out where air is leaking out, and how we can help fill those gaps, get you the latest in energy efficiency products at the best price.

Energy Audit Effectiveness 

Home Pros Builders knows that insulation matters more in Beach than anywhere else. With some of the hottest days on record, insulation is the only thing standing between a homeowner and a burning energy bill. We and our team of energy audit specialists, provide free estimates for homes that are using too much energy. Schedule a free estimate today to learn about the different options available.

Insulation For The Entire Residential Property

Insulation is one of the best options for homes that are suffering with high utility bills in Beach. Most homeowners rarely consider insulation as a home improvement project. Its hidden in walls, and often overlooked as homeowners pass down the responsibilities from homeowner.

Choosing The Right Insulation

Insulation should be considered for homes every 30-40 years. Between the different classification for home insulation, it ranges from R13 – R45. Homeowners can hire a professional insulation contractor to recommend the best option for their homes, or hire our energy auditing team like ours to asses and recommend the best insulation for your home in Huntington Beach.

Home Pros Builders uses proper insulation and insulation techniques to drive down an energy bill. Leaving the problem unsolved only makes it worse.

Wall Insulation Cools Homes 35%

Doesn’t matter if it’s the basement, the attic, or the home itself; wall insulation is the largest determining factor when it comes to keeping the place cool.

Wiring and plumbing contribute to perforations that create drafts, but more often than not poor insulation is what makes a home too difficult to keep cool. In the end, it takes an insulation specialist to understand the context of each home to find a solution.

For homeowners, understanding how much wall insulation you need to keep cool during summer, and comfortable in winter is a job for Home Pros Builders. Let us save you up to 35% with in-wall insulation.

Attic Insulation is 25% Cool Air Seepage

The roof gets hot. Quickly. Underneath that is an enclosed room that does nothing but soak up retained heat to send right down.

Small avenues in the ceiling don’t seem like a big deal until reality adds up. Altogether, small perforations create a giant chute of heat that pours in from the outside, into the attic, then into the home. It’s no wonder why an attic is the first place an insulation specialist looks to in order to save a homeowner on energy.

Home Pros Builders catches issues homeowners and other contractors might overlook. We quickly asses attic insulation, offer duct insulation and attic insulation to reduce your dependence on your Air conditioning and heating system.

Our energy auditor in Los Angeles knows where to look in order to find out where all the cool air leaks out. Sometimes it’s the insulation. Sometimes it’s seepage. No one truly knows until after thorough inspection.

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