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Mold Inspection And Repair

Mold Inspection

Learning that you have mold in your house can be scary for most homeowners to deal with. The idea of having “Mold in My house” is difficult for homeowners to grasp. Homeowners that have mold and it spreads throughout the neighborhood might be held responsible for the damages and health risks that can arise. Home Pros Builders is here to help homeowners with mold inspection and discovery. This is just the first step in identifying potential mold related damages to your home and the only way we can do that is a professional mold inspection.

Home Pros Builders can help you determine if you have mold by simply looking at the potential area affected. A professional mold test can determine the extent of the damages, and where else possible mold is forming. Let us quickly and effectively rescue your home from mold with a free in-home estimate.

Mold Can Cause Major Damages To your Body!

  • Muscle Pains not due to Strain

  • Twitching & Tingling throughout the body

  • Depressed Mood

  • Digestive Problems

  • Breathing Problems

  • Headaches


Black Mold is Deadly

If you and your family are living in your home that has “black mold”, our professional advice would be to immediately find a safe place to live until you can safely remove the damaged area from your home. Black Mold is said to cause major life threatening health risks including cancer, asthma, and even death among children.


Home Pros Builders is a licensed and insured contractor that helps homeowners with water restoration, mold treatments and more. Once a professional mold test is done, we determine the most appropriate response and treat the areas If not the entire house for mold. We have options available and replacing certain parts of the damaged area can eliminate mold from continue to grow and spread.

Free Mold Inspection
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